Fleur Murphy | Shortcuts website redesign
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Shortcuts website redesign

The brief

When you put it down in writing it sounds simple enough: rebuild a four-year-old website from scratch, fix up all the known flaws, smooth over the SEO issues and create a brilliant user experience that will generate leads and sales.

The approach

I had worked on websites before, and had even built a few, but nothing ever came close to the complexity of this particular project. I was faced with three distinct target markets worldwide, a global team with differing demands, and a 600-page mess of a website to somehow evolve into something compelling and user-friendly.

Throw into the mix a complex integration with our CRM and email marketing systems, the constant challenge of ensuring the agency understood and would meet the brief, not to mention the constantly-confounding Google algorithm, and it’s safe to say I probably bit off a just a little bit more more than I could easily chew.

Thankfully, despite the challenges, there were also bucketloads of feel-good fuzzies on offer. The initial proposal from our web agency was enough to send us wild over the potential and possibilities, the design reveal made our white-space loving hearts sing, and being handed the keys for the very first time may have induced a happy-dance or two.

I don’t think anything compares to the rush of pure adrenaline when we finally went live a risky but exhilarating three days before the Christmas break. Professionally, it doesn’t get much better than that!

The results

Let’s face it, this project was never going to be a walk in the park, but it was always going to be 100% worth it.

I was incredibly gratified to see almost-instant results including:

  • 260% increase in goal completions*
  • 43% increase in average session duration*
  • 18% decrease in bounce rate*
  • 28% increase in the number of pages per session*
  • 77 leads in the first 9 days of January**

*Compared with the same period last year.

**Compared with 88 leads for entire month of January last year.