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Marketing / 30.04.2016

Shortcuts is the global market leader in salon software, and has had the majority of the Australian market share for the past 20 years. Despite this, during 2013, new business leads started to steadily drop, largely thanks to an ill-advised marketing campaign that blatantly failed to connect with prospective clients....

Writing / 03.03.2016

Whether we are at work, exercising, commuting or socialising, our mobile phones are never far from hand. In Australia, 77% of us own a smart phone, and a whopping one in three people would rather give up sex than kiss goodbye to their phones....

Writing / 15.06.2015

Complete authenticity and a tech-savvy attitude are a powerful combination at The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community, enabling them to strengthen ties with their community and grow their business. Brett McKinnon shares the story of their rebranding journey....