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Writing / 18.02.2017

How many times a day do you lie to a client? Really? Be honest! Ever told someone their new colour looks incredible, when it’s really just so-so? Ever promised that the latest wand, straightener or gadget was easy to use, knowing full well your clients would have a better chance of cutting their own hair straight than of mastering this ridiculous new tool?...

Photography / 15.10.2016

What's the best thing about working for a global software company? Being treated to the occasional stint overseas! While visiting the UK I managed to slip away between meetings and planning sessions for some exploring...

Writing / 25.06.2016

From the comb-over to the quiff, five o’clock stubble to a bushranger beard, there's no denying male grooming is one of the most defining trends the hair industry has seen in years. No longer just a niche market, Aussie blokes are turning to barbers in their thousands to transform their look and redefine their personal style....