Fleur Murphy | Fleur Murphy on launching Cloud Reporting
The Cloud Reporting launch campaign leverages social sharing tactics to grab attention and achieve marketing results.
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Cloud Reporting launch

The brief

Launch our brand new Cloud Reporting dashboard, taking a disruptive approach to re-position the Shortcuts brand and ensure as many customers as possible signed up for this sweet new feature.

The approach

The entire launch campaign was centred around the idea of creating a #sweeterlife by knowing your numbers and making your business more successful. The imagery of 100s and 1000s was used throughout to create visual impact and to reference the idea of making 100s and 1000s in profits thanks to Cloud Reporting.

We began with a teaser on Valentine’s day, in the form of a social media quiz inviting people to find their “perfect match” – aka a lolly that most aligned with their personality type. We followed this up by sending 1000 of our most engaged clients a packet of cloud lollies, and our 10 most influential clients a box of cookies, with a poem inside inviting them to share their tasty treat on Instagram for the chance to win a Sunday session on Shortcuts. These activities were supported with email and social media activities to generate excitement around exactly what sweet surprise was in store for our clients.

cloud lollies cookie box cookies

Ten days later we announced the Cloud Reporting feature via the attention-grabbing launch video, which was designed to generate engagement on social media and to encourage our clients to think differently about Shortcuts as a brand. We wanted to come across as fun, lighthearted and engaging, shaking up the often-held perception that we are a boring, unrelatable software company. We also wanted to drive action, via the landing page, encouraging as many conversions as possible.

Other campaign activities also included PR, paid advertising with trade publications and more.

The results

The campaign isn’t over yet, but we have already seen some big results!

  • 77 quiz responses
  • 247 customer enquiries via the landing page
  • 4 new business leads via the landing page
  • 190 white paper downloads.

We have also generated the following social media shares via our #sweeterlife competition.

  • 26 Instagram posts
  • 30 Instagram stories
  • 3 Facebook posts.