Fleur Murphy | Fleur Murphy on launching the Shortcuts Cloud Appointment Book
The Cloud Appointment Book launch campaign was centred around sophisticated and highly targeted email marketing to existing Shortcuts customers.
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Cloud Appointment Book launch

The brief

Launch Shortcuts’ new Cloud Appointment Book, attracting new leads and ensuring as many customers as possible were up and running with this sought-after feature as quickly as possible.

The approach

This campaign harnessed a tried and tested product launch strategy, starting with a teaser campaign and building up to the launch date to create as much demand as possible.

By making the most of our own existing marketing channels and taking a highly targeted approach we were able to roll out a wide-reaching campaign and achieve tangible results at a relatively low cost.

We increased the reach of the campaign by using several external channels including:

  • Sponsored eDMs
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Digital advertising
  • Editorial
  • Adwords.

The results

In the month since launch date, the results have far outstripped those of any previous product launch:

Existing customers:

  • 236 existing customers filled out the landing page form
  • Influenced the buying decision of 48% of customer resigns.

New business leads:

  • 10 new business leads filled out the landing page form
  • Influenced the buying decision of 26% of new business sales.

Cloud Appointment Book use:

  • 417 appointments made in the Cloud Appointment Book
  • 80 businesses using the Cloud Appointment Book.